focus groups – digital support

RAMH were recently approached by NHS 24 staff who were keen to pilot their new website which includes a mental health guide. NHS 24 were keen to hear views from staff, volunteers and people with a lived experience of mental health difficulties on what they thought of the content, layout and functionality of the website.

Do you use the web for managing your mental health? Would you like to have your say? Come along and share your thoughts on upcoming website content for the NHS inform website content.

10 participants met across Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire last week to pilot the new website and gave some very helpful feedback! Some of the points raised were how the use of certain terms made people feel, how to ensure that the content was suitable for different learning styles and accessibility for all. It was great to hear people so passionately engaged in these discussions and how looking at the website from the perspective of a worker and somebody with a lived experience could sometimes be quite different.
People who took part said that they found this a positive experience and that it felt good to know that their experience is valued and their input will make a difference to others.
The website is not live yet, it is still in “staging” however NHS staff plan to use the feedback to make positive changes and then it will be made available to all. We will keep you posted …

Thanks to everyone who took part, we were blown away by all your great ideas!!!