Have you heard about ALISS?

Want to get moving and meet new people?

As someone who has struggled with mental ill health I know how important physical and social activity is to self-management and recovery. I also know that finding activities to get involved in can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Where do you look if you want to be more physically active and socialise with new people?
ALISS can help you
No more googling information which is out of date or just finding out about things by chance, you can search on ALISS.org simply by using a postcode.
ALISS is a website, www.aliss.org (this link will take you to the ALISS website) which brings together information on local, regional and national health and wellbeing services all in the one place. Here at ALISS we believe that people of Scotland living with long term conditions, disabled people and unpaid carers should be able to access the information they need to help them live well. You can read more about us here https://www.aliss.org/about/ (this link will take you to the About Us section of the ALISS website)
Here are just a few examples of the community resources on ALISS which are local to Renfrewshire and can help you be more active and meet new people:
• Renfrewshire Walking Network – walking groups throughout Renfrewshire helping you to get outside, be active and socialise
https://www.aliss.org/organisations/cb020ebc-10ab-4a55-a1e3-6d2912cc2f5c/ (this link will take you to the listing for the Renfrewshire Walking Network on ALISS.org)

• Bike Buddies – offers fun guided sessions with trained cycling leaders, who will organise safe routes using the cycle paths in Renfrewshire
https://www.aliss.org/services/c6c76228-1298-416b-a144-65ee9165a62a/ (this link will take you to the listing for Bike Buddies on ALISS.org)

• Writing Group – a friendly writing group that meets in Paisley Central Library to share, read and comment on each other’s work
https://www.aliss.org/services/c38aef43-bbc7-43e9-b6e9-c89fd540f4eb/ (this link will take you to the listing for the Writing Group on ALISS.org)

• Art Classes – art classes at the Wynd Centre in Paisley, no experience necessary
https://www.aliss.org/services/a98844ff-b699-4dde-8f0b-c487de850bf8/ (this link will take you to the listing Art Classes on ALISS.org)

So, what are you waiting for? Get searching on ALISS.org to find activities near you to help support your mental health recovery.
Any questions about ALISS, get in touch with Lisa Gardner on: Lisa.Gardner@alliance-scotland.org.uk (this link will open up an email option) or 0141 404 0231.