Have you heard about ALISS?

Want to get moving and meet new people? As someone who has struggled with mental ill health I know how important physical and social activity is to self-management and recovery. I also know that finding activities to get involved in can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Where do you look … Continued

Robert’s Journey

Robert has been working with Graham, our physical activity worker here at RAMH. Click on the link below to read about how Robert made the leap from feeling low, frustrated and feeling stigmatised to feeling motivated, happier and talking openly and passionately about mental health recovery thanks to being more active. Robert’s Journey

Lesley-Anne tells her story – passionate about self care.

When I was first diagnosed with a mental health condition my Self Management amounted to taking my medication and attending my appointments. At the time I did not think of this as Self Management nor was I ever told that was what I was doing. In fact Self Management was never mentioned. I was told … Continued

John tells his story of peer volunteering .. Big changes

  It was quite some time before I became aware that I was having mental health issues. Depression, alcohol abuse, thoughts about ways to end my life were the norm for me and I thought that that all came about because of one major trauma in my life. My wife and I had been married … Continued

David’s story – Exercise saved my life

David’s self -management story My mental health went through the floor due to life changes and experiencing losses of people close to me. I initially used alcohol to block out the pain and I have been managing my depression and anxiety for about 3 years now and the way I now cope with my problems … Continued

Beginnings through art

Hi all, we are hosting an event on 22nd May We are looking for people to create a piece of art, a story or a poem that represents the theme of ‘beginnings’ to be displayed at the event as a source of inspiration. If you have anything to share then please contact Lisa Jane … Continued

RAMH’s 40th Anniversary Dinner and Quiz

Do you have what it takes to become RAMH’s 40th Anniversary Quiz Champion? Come and test your knowledge while raising funds for RAMH. Join us at the Normandy Hotel from 7pm—1am. Tickets are now on sale. Early bird offer £350 for a team of 10 until 7th March 2018. Tickets booked after this date will … Continued