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Youth Counselling

RAMH’s youth counselling services have been specifically designed for young people. We have worked with 11 to 18 year olds to develop services that they feel will benefit them. We continuously monitor our work with each individual young person to be sure it’s what they want and need.

We recognise that at times young people can be faced with any number of stressors in their lives. Our work involves helping them to learn how to solve problems, build and maintain relationships, better manage their thoughts and feelings and ease the stress they feel under.

Our counsellors are trained to a minimum of post graduate level and have extensive experience working with young people. Our counsellors operate as front-line mental health workers in secondary schools. We see young people within the school timetable. We rotate appointments to best safeguard school work. We have a confidential room set aside.

Pupils tell us some of the benefits of having counsellors based in their schools are:

‘It’s easily accessible’

‘Takes less time out of the day’

‘Your parents don’t need to know you are going’

‘It can help you handle a change in your life.’

 ‘Staff are more specialised in talking to teenagers’

What do we do?

The youth counselling services seek to enable young people to make informed decisions about their lives.  We do this by:

  1. Providing confidential counselling to young people aged 11 to 18 years

We also:


  1. Signpost and facilitate onward referral of young people experiencing crisis to appropriate agencies
  2. Support and enable staff to support emotionally vulnerable young people
  3. Raise the visibility of emotionally vulnerable young people in schools, the community and at home, where appropriate


Other interventions (Added value)


  • We have counsellors sited within staff support teams to offer advice and guidance for individual pupils
  • Our counsellors are trained to identify mental health difficulties and thus bolster early intervention options
  • Our counsellors work in association with CAMHS to support young people with their mental health
  • Our counsellors are able to support parents to deal with the young person’s difficulties and with their own concerns, where appropriate
  • We offer speedier assessments of young people believed to be at risk
  • Our counsellors, through assessment, identify young people at risk where there was no prior knowledge
  • Our work feeds into the wider field of evidence based practice for counselling children and young people
  • We are able to deliver nationally recognised and bespoke training courses  in areas such as suicide and self harm, adolescent mental health, mental health first aid, loss and bereavement and anxiety and stress management


Who can use this service?

Our schools services are open to anyone aged between 11 years and 18 years currently studying at a secondary school in:

  • East Renfrewshire 

 What do young people think of our services?

‘I was able to talk about what I wanted without feeling under pressure.’

‘It was good to talk to someone who was not my Mum or Dad or Teacher.’

‘It’s helped me to stop self harming.’

‘It can help you sort your life out’

‘It helps you get on with school more because you have spoken with someone, and get on with your life.’

‘It can help you feel better about yourself.’


What to do if you are seeking support for a young person you know

If you know a young person who you think would benefit from the service you can:

  • Email or telephone us (see contact details below) and we will take you through our referral process

Our school based appointments are arranged and communicated to young people with the minimum number of people knowing. We use school systems that allow us to arrange appointments with young people without identifying they are attending counselling. This means that other pupils and most teachers are not aware the young person is coming to see us.

It is important that the young person knows you are discussing them with us and that they are willing to attend a first appointment to see what it’s like for themselves.

If you are a young person seeking support for yourself

If you would like to see a counsellor from our service you can do one of the following:

  • e-mail us at the address below with your name, school and school year
  • ask your parents/guardians to get in touch with us using the contact details below
  • ask your pastoral support teacher or another teacher you trust to get in touch with us
  • ask someone else you trust to contact us on your behalf with your details

We will arrange an initial meeting with you to look at how we can help.

You can call us on:
0141 577 2612

You can email us at: