Self Management

“Self-management is a way of living and working that means people living with long term conditions feel more in control of their own health and wellbeing. It means people living with long term conditions being in ‘the driving seat’ and it supports people to live their lives better, on their terms.

Self -management supports and encourages people living with long term conditions to access information and to develop skills to find out what’s right for their condition and, most importantly, right for them” (Alliance 2016)

Self-management does NOT mean going it alone. It means being actively involved in your support, feeling empowered and feeling in control. It means having access to information that can enable you to make the right choices for you and your experience being heard and valued.

Self- management means being seen as a whole person rather than being defined by your diagnosis. That means being valued for all the strengths, skills and assets you bring to the table. We are always looking for people who are keen to exchange and share their self-management skills with others, this may be a talent, a sport or a specific coping strategy that works well for you in your recovery. If you feel you can share a skill with others then please contact Lisa Jane on 0141 881 8811.

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Did you know that we have a physical activity worker at RAMH who supports people to improve wellbeing through becoming more active. We know exercise increases feel good chemicals in our brain and helps our mood, sleep and even motivation. Read how Robert’s life changed through using exercise as a self-management tool. Click on the link below to hear this amazing story …




For more information on self-management including information on health literacy, self -directed support and local community assets please follow the RAMH symbaloo link:

SMILE Card (Self-Management Information Leaflet) is our first co-produced self management tool which includes top tips for being the leading partner in your support and recovery. Click on the link below to find out more:

Self Management Information Leaflet

Digital support

In 2017 eight peers took part in an APP trial for a total of 8 weeks. They used their APP daily to give us feedback on what difference it made to their self-management and recovery and if they would recommend the APP to support others. Of the eight APPS trialed, 5 received positive feedback and recommendations. These APPS can be downloaded onto apple or android devices.

Did you know there is also an APP that can support you in attending your medication review? The APP helps you to learn more about the medication you take and also encourages you to think about how your medication impacts on your life such as your social life, employment and general wellbeing. If you would like to know more then please contact Lisa Jane 0141 881 8811