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This is for you …. Crisis Card is designed to support people experiencing a crisis in their mental health. We have identified useful helplines and supports and collated them into an easy-to-use fold out card that fits in wallet.

The purpose of the card is to illustrate that anyone, at some point in their lives could be so overwhelmed by life circumstances and distress that suicide becomes a serious option in the choices that we contemplate.

This card should NOT be given out without direct safe planning with the recipient.

“This is for you….” is a term we use when we are giving someone a gift or information and this will prompt the delivery of this card to an individual. For example, this could be done if a new or existing service user is showing signs of distress, which prompts you to ask them whether they are contemplating suicide or when a disclosure is made. The card can also be given to someone leaving A&E or on being discharged from hospital, this will assist where a professional is planning an appropriate safe plan with an individual.

The Blank Spaces under ‘Your safety plan’ on the Crisis Card should be completed in partnership with the recipient, supporting the individual to identify a variety of personal supports or resources they can access in times of crisis. This may be YOU or their neighbour, family member or friend. These spaces should detail what to do and/or who to call in case of crisis. A space is also available to personalise the card: ‘This space for you’. It may be useful to place a photo of a pet or favourite place here for example. In addition, the card offers a range of services, some of which can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.