RAMH training courses cover a range of aspects of social care and mental health. Inline with the Scottish Executive’s National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing, we provide a range of training courses throughout the year. RAMH offer Scottish Mental Health First Aid and ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) and offers training for people supporting those who self harm.
RAMH can provide nationally recognised training courses as well as devising bespoke sessions that suit you or your organisation’s requirements
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“I definitely feel more confident in recognising and dealing with the mental health of others – both professionally and personally”

“Excellent course which would assist all staff working in mental health. Should be made available to all staff and volunteers”

“Excellent course, excellent instructor and very useful!”

“I realised I had misconceptions about mental health problems which were dispelled as a result of the course. I gained valuable information on how best to help someone who is going through a crisis.”

“The course has given me more of an insight into mental illness; this will be a great benefit to me as a carer.”

“The course was not only hugely informative, but also highly enjoyable. I really got a lot out of it and will be a big help!”