Carer Support


What do we mean by ‘Informal Carer’ or ‘Carer’?

  • The terms ‘unpaid carer’ or ‘informal carer’ are often used interchangeably with the term ‘carer’, differing from paid workers whose roles are prescribed and regulated.
  • Informal carers can be defined as “relatives, partners or friends who have changed their lifestyle in order to support or take responsibility for another.
  • Mental health carers do not readily self-identify, they may not live with the service user, and often see themselves as family members or spouses who are simply fulfilling their obligations.
  • Mental health carers often face fluctuating circumstances and highly stressful issues on top of which, the societal stigma of mental health problems to contend with.

For further information on individual and/or group support, please contact:

East Renfrewshire: 0141 881 8811

The carers group in East Renfrewshire have been working to put together a carers handbook for mental health carers. If you have information you think should be added to this handbook or believe any information to have changed please contact:
Link to Carers Handbook:


Renfrewshire: 0141 847 8900