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RAMH and Glasgow Caledonia University students have worked together to create the new resource that aims to get people active in 2022.

Physiotherapy students Laura Strain, Valance Humphrey and Sarah Kerestes approached us with the idea for the cards and developed them alongside RAMH workers in the last few months of 2021.

The cards are a fun and challenging way to increase physical activity levels while also focusing on mental wellbeing. This activity is designed to encourage you to explore you local area, interact with others and take time for yourself by checking off squares on a bingo card as you walk. There are four cards - social interaction, go out and explore, mindfulness and just getting started,

Use the 'social interaction' card to challenge yourself to put yourself out there, meet new people and do new things. Use the 'go out and explore' bingo card for some inspiration to visit somewhere old or somewhere new. Use either the 'just getting started' or 'mindfulness' bingo cards take time to do things you enjoy and time to reflect.

Take a look at the cards and get moving here. 

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